Identification command produces different output

Can someone explain to me what the new output from the command identification is? I am able to get dynare 4.2.1 to produce output for the identification command with simple models like the RBC example model in the dynare documentation, but the output seems to have changed considerably compared to the output I get using 4.1.3. Is there any documentation for this new output?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rob Luginbuhl

p.s. with larger DSGE models identification crashes, even now that I am using Matlab R2011a. Sometimes I get a message about too many parentheses in the calculation of an element of gpp in _params_derivs.m. Sometimes Dynare crashes as the first graph is being written to the screen. I also have a post about this problem. Here too any help would be greatly appreciated.


if you download … erable.pdf

and use the unstable snapshot, you will get the latest identification routines with documentation (and further considerable changes in the output).