I´m a new matlab and dynare user

Hello Friends,

I´m a new matlab and dynare user, I have beed reading some tutorial about that programs work but i can not undertand how i can manage the file, for example: if i have a model file, how i can open? I have to create a folder in the same directory where dynare is? please, if you have some document that helpme about manage a file, I would be very grateful.

It is pretty simple:

  1. Just create a folder, where you save your mod file, say model.mod
  2. Then add the path where you save dynare to your workplace, just by typing (in fact you have to write YOUR path, where YOU have saved dynare): addpath c:\dynare\4.4.0\matlab
  3. Open the model file, just by typing in the command window: dynare model.mod

mod-files are simple text files. They can be opened with any editor. Typically, people open these files with the Matlab editor. The instruction above describes the procedure for Matlab.

Hello Friends

Thanks so much for your help. I have one questions, I have to create a folder to save model file in the same place where dynare is save? for example, the path where i save dyanare is C:\dynare y créate in dynare a folder like this C:\dynare\models?

No, you don’t have to do this. Just save the folder where you want, but I think it is better not to save it where you saved dynare in order to keep things clean…

Hello Friends,

I want to know if someone writes in the module where he has to declare the variables (in the file .mod) something like that:

c_t c % % total consumption
ch_t c^{h} % % domestic consumption

which means the front of the column before the comment? for example c. I know that the expresión after %% its a comment.

Yes, the code

does the following. The first entry defines the variable ch_t for use in Dynare. The second entry in the -signs is a LaTeX declaration. It tells Dynare to use these LaTeX-Codes for the variable ch_t when using commands like

as documented in the manual. This second part is optional. If no LaTeX definition is present, Dynare will just use the Dynare variable name.
In your case, you could for example just use

var c_t % total consumption ch_t % domestic consumption