How to recover convergence diagnostic (after crash)

Dear all,

Matlab crashed on my computer rightly after successfully computing 500,000 mcmc.
I would like to recover convergence diagnostics/plots.
However when calling :


Diagnostic it’s not produced. How can I work this around?
I guess a way could be to add an extra 2500 draws (i.e. mh_replic=2500), so as to force
Dynare to produce diagnostic.
However, not sure at that point whether the diagnostic produced reflect the overall chain? And anyway, is there any neater way?

Thank you

That is strange. The condition in Dynare 4.5.4 is

        if ~options_.nodiagnostic
            if (options_.mh_replic>0 || (options_.load_mh_file && ~options_.load_results_after_load_mh))
                oo_= McMCDiagnostics(options_, estim_params_, M_,oo_);

so with load_mh_file the convergence diagnostics should be produced. Are you using an older version?