How to plot impulse response with given confidence?

dear everyone,

I have a problem when using dynare.
I see that many papers illustrates the results of impulse response analysis together with 90% confidence interval (just like fig 2 in my attachment), but the dynare typically only gives out a single line (see attachment fig 1).
my question is: how to obtain impulse response figures with 90% confidence interval (just like the way of fig 2 did)? I guess there must be some command to realise this, but I have not found it when consulting “dynare user guide”.
I have posted my dynare code and two figures in the attachment. my dyanre code can only give out the result like fig 1, while fig 2 is the type of impulse responses I want to have.
can someone help me solve this problem? many thanks.
fig 2.doc (130 KB)
fig 1.doc (88.5 KB)
aa.mod (1.96 KB)

Confidence intervals are only possible if there is parameter uncertainty. This is not the case for calibrated models (using stoch_simul). In case you are estimating your model, Dynare will provide confidence bands (or HPDIs)

Hi, jpfeifer.
thank you very much for helping me solve this problem.
I have changed my dynare code into the estimating mode, but it gives out no impulse figures at all.
will you please help me and have a look at the dyanre code to see if there are any ommissions or errors in the code?
I have posted the dynare code and data in the attachment.
Thanks agian.
data2013.xls (22 KB)
aa.mod (2.97 KB)

Just read the manual. You need the bayesian_irf option.

thank you for ur guidance. I’ll check it.