How to increase the Max.Iteration option

In advance, many thanks for many people’s help for me to learn dynare.

I try to increase the MaxIter option.
I am using the
==> steady(solve_algo=0);

Based on manual, I wrote the
==> maxit_=20;

And also tried
==> maxit_=100;

But I cannot figure out any difference betwee two.
Calculation always finished when iteration goes 2000 for both cases.

Since the evalution of f(x) decreasing, it seems to work if I can increase the Max.Iteration option.

Maximum number of iterations reached:
increase options.MaxIter.
??? Error using ==> steady_ at 132
STEADY: convergence problems

Error in ==> steady at 52

Error in ==> ver1003 at 585

Error in ==> dynare at 132
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;
ver1003.mod (13.5 KB)

when I use ‘fsolve’ function in MATLAB.
I can controal fsolve function through the following command… for maxIter, Display calculation procedure or not, and Max Fun Evaluation.
I tried these command in Dynare…
There was no erroe but … nothing change.
Is there anyone who can comment on this issue?

options.MaxIter =100000;
options.Display = ‘off’;

new mod file is attached…
ver1003.mod (13.8 KB)

I am not sure that you can control the number of iterations with a Dynare option. However, what you can do is manually change the file dynare_solve.m
There you will find the default values in lines 46-50

    options.MaxFunEvals = 50000;
    options.MaxIter = 2000;
    options.Display = 'iter';

which you can adapt to your liking.

Thanks a lot.
It works.