How to incorporate calculated S-S value into model?


I am trying to estimate a DSGE model. In my log-linearized model, I will use calculated Steady State values. I wonder how I can “quote” the S-S value I calculated in another .mod file, and use these S-S values as local “parameters” in my model.

Should I use @#include “filename”?

Thank you!


You calculated your S-S in another .mod file?

The thing is, even if you run the .mod file that calculates your S-S first, once you run your model’s .mod file it does “clear all” before it starts, so even if they are in the base workspace they are lost once the .mod file is executed. The only way I see you can do that is to save your calculated S-S values in a .mat file. Then, include a “load” command in the .mod file that executes your model, which will load these S-S values and use them.

Hope this helps, I am not sure I am clear enough…