How to get the analytical/symbolic Ramsey FOC from the output

Hello, I’ve been checking the Dynare++ manual and reproducing the programs. It mentions that regarding Ramsey Optimal Policy what it does is to obtain the FOC of the Ramsey problem with its symbolic derivator. I was wondering how to obtain those as an object/string of characters.

The program I am running and trying to obtain the aforementioned FOCs is attached.

(just in case this is informative, I want to retrieve those because I want to compare cooperative vs strategic policy schemes in multicountry models and having the FOCs of the policy problem may help me carry some aditional exercises as well as compare estimations done with Dynare instead of Dynare++)

example_ramsey.mod (1.5 KB)

In case you use Dynare instead of Dynare++ (which is feasible with your file), you can use


to get a LaTeX-printout of all equations.

Thank you!, Prof. Johannes.