How to express the expectation term?

I’m new in using Dynare,

  1. so I want to know how I write the below expression.

(ex) pi=beta*(1-thetah)E_t(pi(t+1)) + thethapi(t-1) + lambdah*mc + e

where E_t is the current expectation parameter.

In this case, in Dynare code,
pi = beta*(1-thetah)pi(+1) + thetahpi(-1) + lambdah*mc + e
is the correct expression?

Is the expectation(E) term expressed as merely parameter(+1), like this?

  1. when I was exercising, Dynare warning was expressed as below

Warning: File ‘newzealand2_optimal_mh_scale_parameter.mat’ not found
Warning: File ‘newzealand2/Output’ not found
Warning: File ‘newzealand2/metropolis’ not found

What’s the meaning of the above warning? What can I do for solving these problem?
Please help me and thank you for your attetion.

Concerning your first question: your expression is correct. Dynare puts an implicit E_t operator in front of all equations which, in your case, gives an expression equivalent to the one you want.

Concerning your second question: it’s hard to tell what’s going wrong here. It looks benign, since it’s only warnings and Dynare did not crash.