How to execute the .mod file in .NET design platform

Hi everyone, I need some help now. How to execute the .mod file of Dynare in .NET design platform.
The following code can’t be execute in. NET design platform, but the code “addpath c:\dynare\4.2.1\matlab; dynare rbc.mod” can be run in Matlab environment. The rbc.mod is a mod file which I designed.

    MLApp.MLAppClass matlab = new MLApp.MLAppClass();
    string command;
    command="addpath c:\\dynare\\4.2.1\\matlab;"+             
               "dynare rbc.mod;";
    matlab = null;

Has anyone else ever encountered this problem or have any ideas on how to fix it? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Just for your information, the Dynare team does not support the .NET platform.

This does not mean that what you are trying is impossible. Maybe some user has already done so and will reply.