How to endogeneize parameters?

Hi everybody,

when doing the steady state calibration of the model, how to consider a parameter as an endogenous.

in my model, the parameters y_k and c_k are defined as the steady state ratio between output and capital, and consumption and capital. yk and ck are endogenous variables.yk=y/k, ck=c/k.
I use the method called “variable flipping” following Reference Manual Version 4. But it doesn’t work. I am afraid I’v made something wrong, but I don’t know where it is. And there is no complete example I can follow.

My code consists of the following files:

Could you help me?
Many thanks in advance.

inflation.rar (980 Bytes)

You can find more details about the method of “variable flipping” in the “macroprocessor.pdf” file that comes in the documentation directory of Dynare.


Thank you so much for your help!