How to code liquidity ratio of Vlcek/Roger (2011) model

hello everyone,

based on Gerali model,Vlcek/Roger (2011) model simulates the increase of the liquidity ratio (eta) , but when i take their idea to code,
i can’t get the result in Vlcek/Roger (2011) model
the point is where is the new share of bond came from, how to model?
1)new deposite
2)new capital
3)just increase bond and let the other varibles change
4)the decrease of the loan
5)like Gerali model (k/b-v), use item (bond/b-liquidityRatio)
all way i try, K=(1-delt_b)K(-1)+retainRatepofit is increase, as the asset side interest income is increase, thank you so much if your can point out what should change in Gerali model to get Vlcek/Roger’s answer

1.if not funding outside,namely changing the assets portfolio, the increase in Bond should cause the decrease in Loan, i model it like this

be =  q_k(+1) +k/gam_e - (rb*RB/(1+RB))+shock_liq/4;

where BB is steady state of bond, BE is steady state of loan, shock_liq is liquidity shock,ETA_LIQ is steady state of liquidity ratio .
the result :bb-b can’t get the goal

so i add a item , (3) change some to

be =  q_k(+1) +k/gam_e - (rb*RB/(1+RB));

the result :bb-b can’t get the goal

2.if funding outside, the increase in Bond should cause (or be cause by) the capital and deposite increase, but not the case in the Vlcek/Roger (2011) model,.

and the modeling is not working by his formula, how to model?