Help with starting the example

HI… I’m using dynare (4.2.4) on windows 7 platform with GNU octave version 3.4.3 and have installed all the programs and files as per the instructions.
i followed the procedures in the dynare guide to start an example file and typed the following command

However, it is giving an error message saying that there is a missing lapdack.dll file and the GNU octave window is showing the following message
configuring dynare…
error: caught execution error in library function
error: called from:
error: c:\dynare\4.2.4\matlab\dynare_config.m at line 180, column 10
error: c:\dynare\4.2.4\matlab\dynare.m at line 68, column 12

Well I typed the whole thing up so there could be some mistakes in syntax, but this is the gist of what I got. Could someone please help me with this??

The Windows binaries of Dynare 4.2.4 are not compatible with Octave 3.4.3. You need to install Octave 3.2.4 located here: … Installer/

For the next version of Dynare, we will make Windows binaries compatible with Octave 3.4.3.


Dear all,

I am experimenting similar difficulties as gautamudupa, so I allow myself to post in the same topic. I am running a MacOS 10.5.8, and I have tried to make Dynare working under several combinaisons between Dynare 4.1.3, Dynare 4.2.1, GnuOctave 3.2.3 and GnuOctave 3.4.0 . Trying to run example1.mod, I obtain several different errors (I won’t talk about the problems with Octave 3.4.0, since M. Villemot answered):

For Dynare 4.1.3 and Octave 3.2.3 : it seems that Dynare is configuring quite well, and after the line [mex] k-order solution simulation, I have a simple error message

For Dynare 4.2.1 and Octave 3.2.3, Dynare can’t configure itself, as I obtain a straight error message :

I looked for answers on both the website and the forum, without finding any. I don’t know how familiar this sounds to you, and I hope your answer will be useful to other users that are in the same situation as I am, if you had any.

Thank you very much !

EDIT : I finally managed to get Octave and Dynare running, and now I am battling against GnuPlot to make everything working together !