Help with error octave

Hi, I have a problem with my code or maybe octave. I am a novice in dynare. I try to run a model but I have error every time and I can’t find the error in the forum.
I join the .m and .mod file.

In the .m in delete the end because I had another error.

Can you help me ? Any tips or advices will be useful.
Thanks a lot

prog10.m (4.0 KB)
prog10.mod (4.0 KB)

Please provide more information what the error message is.

Hello profesor, here is the error message.

I use octave 6.4 and dynare 5.0.

error octave

I cannot reproduce the message. Which operating system are you using.

I use Windows 10, Octave 6.4.0 and Dynare 5.0

I can reproduce the error. Under Octave, you cannot have an m-file with the same name as the mod-file in the folder.

Thanks a lot, Professor. It solves the problem