Help solve my model problem

hello,everyone. i have met a problem in runing the model of my paper.I can’t find where the problem is and I am a freshman of dynare, I hope to get the help to solve my model problem and give me the detailed explanation. Thanks. And my dynare version is 4.2.4.
zhongjiebanshuju.xls (24.5 KB)
zxx.m (14.2 KB)

Can you please post you .mod file? I’m also a “freshman” but maybe we can help each other.

hello,this is my mod document, i considered several days but can’t find how to solve my problem. help somebody can help me. thanks.
zxx.mod (3.88 KB)

It looks like you don’t have a stable steady state? Have you tried to simulate the model?

Here is some advice that I got earlier, “Before estimating, make sure, you can simulate your model.”

I will try to look at it in more detail soon and hopefully someone else can also help you find an answer. I know that there are several posts for the Blanchard Kahn error that you are getting so it may be worth reading those posts if you haven’t already.