Help please it's very urgent!

Dear Sir @stepan-a
I am a Ph.D student, I have a master’s degree with honours, and I do research on DSGE modelling in the University of Orlèans, France in an exchange program between Tunisia and France.
I am currently doing a research on Interactions between monetary and macroprudential policies applied to the devolopping and low income countries such us the case of Tunisia. Being a beginner in the field of DSGE modelling in MATLAB and DYNARE, I would like you to do me a favour.
Would that be possible that you send me modelling (MATLAB/DYNARE/…) code on which based a simulations for small open economy? I would like to adapt it to my current research. please Sir Help me, i want to learn more and succeed my research but i don’t find solutions. also i have many codes of papers that show me errors and i have no idea to correct them.
the code show me this error:
Error using reshape
To RESHAPE the number of elements must not change.
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in optimal (line 681)
welf=results(ires,1:5); optimal.mod (12.0 KB)

Yours faithfully.

Please do not cross-post. See my reply at Optimal Policy for macroprudential rule

For SMOPEC models, see e.g. the various ones at