Help in Resultss

I got some results while running a model. But unable to figure out what does it implies. If anyone could help please.

function g1 = static_g1(T, y, x, params, T_flag)
% File created by Dynare Preprocessor from .mod file
% Inputs:
% T [#temp variables by 1] double vector of temporary terms to be filled by function
% y [M_.endo_nbr by 1] double vector of endogenous variables in declaration order
% x [M_.exo_nbr by 1] double vector of exogenous variables in declaration order
% params [M_.param_nbr by 1] double vector of parameter values in declaration order
% to evaluate the model
% T_flag boolean boolean flag saying whether or not to calculate temporary terms
% Output:
% g1

if T_flag
T = worknew.static_g1_tt(T, y, x, params);
g1 = zeros(7, 7);

This is the file that computes the gradient of the deterministic model.