Help for Dynare new user

I am Faustin and I am Dynare new user.

  1. Please, I want to know if it’s normal that examples’ files like RBC_Monop_JFV.mod appear as Media file? How can I convert them?
    2)For the first example of Tommaso Griffoli User guide, is it possible to view the excel data base on which the model is built? How?
  2. For the future and for my own works, can I know how I can tell Dynare to work with this database?

Thank you for your help!

Dear Faustin,

Yes and it’s not a problem. You can open the file from your editor.

If you want to open the mod files from the file explorer (by clicking on the file) you need to change the file type association in windows (ie associate extension *.mod to your editor). I don’t remember where this has to be done in Windows… I use Linux.

I don’t understand questions 2) and 3)…

Best, Stéphane.

Stephane, thank you for your help. I have answers for the others (2 and 3).