Dear all,

how can I receive more than 9 graphs in one window in the output? I would like to receive 10 variables all in the same format (height etc.), however Dynare gives me 9 and the 10th in a separate window very large. It proves to be very difficult to copy-paste this 10th graph into the same window with the others (using the plotting tool in Matlab) without having to shrink or delete one of the other IRF-graphs. Is there only space for 9 graphs?

Thanks a lot

you have to use subplot, for example:

hold on

hope that can help you


Thanks a lot for this hint! I managed to get all 10 graphs at once using the subplot. However, they all start at a later point than 0 at the x-axis. Do you happen to know how I can make the impulse responses start from the y-axis instead of later? If you have them plotted using the mod-file they start from the y-axis so that there is no “gap”.

I got it myself. For everyone who is wondering as well: The subplot-command has to be used after computing the mod-file output. Then, the normal Matlab functions can help a lot. In my example this was the solution (specifying start and end of axis):

subplot (4,3,1);
axis([1 10 -inf inf]);
axis ‘auto y’;
hold on;
subplot (4,3,2);
title(‘Savers consumption’,‘fontweight’,‘bold’);
axis([1 10 -inf inf]);
axis ‘auto y’;


Still thanks to Clara for giving the hint!