GK model with Occbin


I was looking at the new version of Dynare and how it works with Occbin. As an example, I took the Gertler and Karadi (2011) sample code FA.mod and add ZLB on interest rate in FA_Occbin.mod.

Does anyone know why I get no responses at all (not just in piece-wise linear but also in linear) for capital quality shock e_ksi with occbin_solver? The same size of the shock gives me responses with standard stoch_simul. The case with other shocks (e.g. productivity) seems to be fine. It is just the capital quality shock.

Thanks in advance!

FA.mod (7.5 KB)
FA_Occbin.mod (6.2 KB)

This is due to a bug. Thanks for reporting it. A fix is at occbin: fix bug if there is only a surprise shock in the first period (!1995) · Merge requests · Dynare / dynare · GitLab

Not sure if this is a related bug:

The way Dynare 5.1 prints out the regime history with Occbin is slightly different when the shock is hit once at period 1. Using the same file I attached above FA_Occbin.mod (attached again),
FA_Occbin.mod (6.3 KB)

I get history like in the figure below.


From what I can see, this is normal Matlab behavior. The display will change whether the structure has 1 or more entries.

Got it. Thank you! I thought it was some kind of a bug because the display looked a little different from what the dynare manual said. Thank you again!