Gertler and Karadi paper

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I looking for some form of code from somebody that possibly replicated the 20090 Gertler and Karadi paper “A model of unconventional monetary policy”. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am struggling to linearize the model, especially the section on capital producing firms. Some technical appendix would help, however no such thing exists!! (As far as I can figure out). So yeah. Help!! Please!!

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you can find the Dynare code for the Gertler and Karadi 2009 model (as well as the codes for many other models) in the “Macroeconomic model data base” at


Check the Karadi page. They published a version of their code, even though it’s not entirely correct and you have to go through it very carefully. But it’s THEIR code though.

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thanks for the info. Does anyone know what exactly is wrong about the code?


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Hi People,

I am currently trying to reply the models IRF from the GK 11 paper, therefore I downloaded the model code on the macromodeldatabase. However I never get the correct IRF for the “external finance premium”.
Did someone else work with the model, and is familiar with it to maybe tell me what is possibly wrong with the model code or parameter setting?

I adjusted the autorgressive fators for the technology shock and the interest-rate smoothing parameter,to fit the calibration indicated in the paper.

I attach the mod file to this post.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.
NK_GK09_rep.mod (4.19 KB)


I am rewriting GK2011, but I have problems with my script. I create a separete routine to search SS, but the values seems to me wrong when I put in Dynare, Could anybody help me?

Thanks in advancebasico_DK.mod (4.5 KB)
b_DK.m (1.2 KB)
SS_DK.m (1.2 KB)