After estimating a model and running the metropolis, my version of Matlab 7 hangs indefinitely after plotting convergence diagnostics and before plotting priors and posteriors. If I stop Matlab using ctrl+break, I can see that the line where hanging occurs is in the file gammainc. I was wondering whether any Dynare user has had the same problem… Strangely enough, this happens on one computer but not on another one…


yes, this happens sometimes. This is not an error of Dynare, something similar happens when drawing plots in Matlab created by other toolboxes. We (in Czech National Bank) are using our own toolboxes for forecasting and policy analysis and we have been occasionally experiencing this error from the time when Matlab was built on Java.

We suspect that the problem is connected with Open GL settings of the graphical card. Sometimes it helped to change settings of the card in Windows (or in Xserver on Unix). This is very hardware dependent setting, so I cannot tell you what to do. But try to play with that. On Unix, read a documentation to your Xserver, and try to find some options connected to using built in or software emulation of Open GL.

Some guidance you could get from comparison of chipsets of other graphical cards for which it works and their settings.

I do not remember what happened when we contacted local Mathworks vendor in this regard. But try to contact yours, they should do at least something considering big money which you pay them.

Perhaps it helps,

Ondra K.