G. Lombardo's Symbsolve

A Matlab based code for the approximation and solution of forward-looking discrete-time dynamic models.

This software is meant to be complementary to Dynare as
it allows the symbolic extraction of second-order approximations of dynamic
systems written in Dynare notation (extension .mod). The solution technique
adopted for the second-order expanded system does also differ from
the techniques currently available in Dynare, as Symbsolve is based on the
technique described in Lombardo and Sutherland (2005).
symbsolve1p0p1.zip (1.56 MB)

I’ve placed the new version of Symbsolve at [home.arcor.de/calomba/]
This version allows for unit-roots in the solution. Furthermore, it parses the equations in a less memory-demanding way.
I also made few chages that allow for use with Levin’s “get_ramsey” codes (except that I had to amend Levin’s codes in order to denote steady state variables by _ss subscript instead of _SS).