Fresh Help!

Hi everyone
I am new in matlab and dynare. I first use matlab and dynare, when I input “Dynare filename.mod” as guide says, the erro that “DYNARE: can’t open filename.mod” would occur. What steps can I do before using dynare? Could someone help?
Thanks a lot!

Is the ‘dynare\matlab’ directory in your Matlab path?

Thank you very much!
And now I need to slove another problem, if one knows the IS curve, AS curve and a objective function of central bank,
can the dynare solve the optimal coefficient in Taylor rule to get the minimal loss of central bank, if can, could you give an example?
Thanks again, you are the best man I have met in the forum, and I am looking forward your reply.

I don’t know. I usually solve for everything than give Dynare the FOCs.

There is some optimal policy functionality which is documented in the Dynare Wiki: