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Dear friends,
I have encountered a problem. I study the pension balance of China. It needs estimation of shocks of macroeconomic. I used the SW(2007) model to estimate the structure parameters. I use the China’s macroeconomic data (annual), but I get the same parameters as SW(2007). And I used the data processing method is same as SW(2007). I don’t know where the problem came from.
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That is because you used the US starting values via the

option and then used

Thank you very much for your answer.
However, I have a little question; I don’t know how to set the mode_file in my case, especially the ctrend. And I find if no usmodel_shock_decomp_mode.mat file, the dynare can’t run correctly.
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Wang Kaiming

If you haven’t a mode-file, don’t provide one. What you want to do is run mode-finding.