Fix point ... Not converged!

Dear kth-orders,

I have a simple RBC type of model (with stochastic volatility in investment shock). I use dynare++ to obtain higher order approximations. Dynare++ throws the following error message (as listed in the journal file):

00.0625:E00027:-1.:01180:000000: Performing step for order = 2 0.07812:M00071:-1.:01180: : Error of current approximation for shocks at sigma 0.000000 is 0.000000 0.07812:M00072:-1.:01180: : Error of current approximation for full shocks is 0.000046 0.82812:M00073:-1.:01182: : Fix point calcs: iter=10000, newton_iter=100, last_newton_iter=0. Not converged!! 0.82812:M00074:-1.:01182: : Solution routine not finished (Fix point calculation not converged), see what happens
I have an analytical solution to my deterministic steady-state model which I use to provide initial values in “initval” section. Note, that this error message does not prevent to continue calculations. The IRFs (that d++ produces), however, never converge back to zero!

Standard dynare with order=3 does not complain anything!

According to the dynare++ tutorial, this error message arrives when dynare++ tries to calculate the fixed point, ie stochastic steady-state. What should I modify in my model?

I have Win XP, latest dynare.



Can u please post your code with order 3? I posted something today because I’m having an error popping up with a similar exercise (see my post).