First period values in simulated data of stoch_simul

Hi Dynare team,

I am using stoch_simul, but I found that the first values of the simulated variables do not equal to the steady state values. Here is what I do:

stoch_simul(order=2,periods=2000,drop=0, nograph, irf=20, pruning)

I am thinking, maybe the first period in oo_.endo_simul is already the first simulation period (t=1), not the initial values (t=0, steady state). Is it correct?

Thanks in advance!!

That is correct. You can verify in simult.m that the first value is cut off:

    % elimninating initial value
    y_ = y_(:,2:end);

I see. I modified simult.m so that the first period is of steady state values.
Thank you!