Finding steady state.

Dear all,
I try to run a multi-country model, but I’m now facing some problems to find the steady state; The error message is the following:
“STEADY: numerical initial values or parameters incompatible with the following equations
8 38 48 78”
Please, Can someone help me to solve this problem and to find these cited equations?
The mod file is attached;
model_b.mod (8.83 KB)



When using equations like

w_@{i} = -u_n_@{i} * u_c_@{i}^(-1);
where you have 1/u_c_, you cannot leave the u_c_ initialized to 0.

Thank you very much JPFEIFER for your quick reply;

I will try this solution and will let you know the result.


Hi Jpfeifer,
I have corrected the initval’s problem, but the dynare can’t find the steady state until now. Please can you help me again?
The corrected mod file is attached;
model_b.mod (9.13 KB)

Use model_diagnostics to see that there is a collinearity problem.

Regarding the steady state: look at the equations

w_@{i} = -u_n_@{i} * u_c_@{i}^(-1);
They are the ones with the residuals.

Thank you Jpfeifer!
I will try to correct it;