Failed running the sw(2007) code

I download the sw(2007) code from the AER official site.
however.when I run the BVAR_statistics_usmodel_data.m .
it seems not work .I used dynare 4.5.1 and matlab 2015b.
can you help me check it? thanks a lot! (369.6 KB)

What is the error you get? That code was for Dynare 3

thanks for your patience!
first of all, the usmodel.mod file can’t run.
usmodel.mod: line 80, col 14: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’, expecting EQUAL
line 80 is #usmodel_stst;
then i delete line 80 ,the usmodel.mod file can work , but when I runs BVAR_statistics_usmodel_data.m
it reports Undefined function ‘eval’ for input
arguments of type ‘cell’.
thanks again for your time~

A version of the usmodel.mod that is compatible with the current Dynare version is at

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