Extracting "data in level" from IRF


In my model, all the variables are in exp() form means the IRFs are percentage deviation from the steady-state values.

However, I want to extract the level of a variable from the IRF.

I use the following steps to do so,

  1. For example, I define the TFP shock as “ean” and the labor hour as “H.”

  2. After running the code, matrix "H_ean " gives me the deviation of H from the steady state due to the shock “ean.”

  3. I got the level of steady-state of H (H_ss) by taking exponential of steady state value given by dynare.

  4. I extract the level of H in the transition periods as H_level= H_SS+H_SS*H_ean.

Am I doing it right? Does “H_ean” matrix give the percentage deviation of H from the steady state?

I want to check whether my first order conditions satisfy in the transition period. So far, it does not match. I am wondering whether the process of finding the level of variables is right.


I sort it out. It will be H_level= exp(H_ean)*H_SS.