External solver in steady state file

I have a question about steady state computation. I have a system of equations for which I can compute the steday state but they are not available in closed form as in the growthless example. There is a routine in matlab called fsolve which computes these steady states nicely. Is there anyway I can link this fsolve routine to dynare and then ask dynare to loglinearize around these computed steady state values. I suspect that _steadystate.m procedure works only when you know the exact solution in a closed form. I also attach my failed programmes where I created a steady file. I may be using a wrong function command and perhaps badly missing something. If anybody can help.

quant_banking_exo.mod (2.01 KB)
quant_banking_exo_steadystate.m (852 Bytes)

You can call external solvers in the steady state file. See the NK_baseline.mod in the Dynare examples folder.