Explanation about model comparison

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In the model_comparison Command (4.15 Model Comparison in the manual), does Bayes_Ratio mean Bayes Factor and Posterior_Model_Probability mean Posterior Odds Ratio? If no, can you please tell me to what they correspond to? Thanks for your help.


Bayes_Ratio refers to the ratio of Marginal Data Densities, often called Bayes Factor. The Posterior_Model_Probability gives you the posterior probability of the models. It is not identical to the Posterior Odds Ratio, because the Odds Ratio gives you the relative instead of the absolute probabilities. But given that the probabilities must sum to 1, you can compute them.
For example, if you compare two models and the Model has 1 has a Posterior_Model_Probability of 2/3, then the other model has to have one of 1/3 and the Posterior Odds Ratio is (2/3)/(1/3)=2:1

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