Estimation results and Latex table

Dear Dynare users,

I run my code and I get the estimation results. To present the estimation results I created Latex table in my .tex file and completed this table (containing information on prior, posterior mode, posterior mean, etc…) manually.

I’m wondering if there exists a way of completing this table automatically after the estimation.

Does anyone have any example on how to do this?


In case you are using the most recent unstable version, an example is here:
In earlier version, the TeX option might work for some objects and be buggy for others. There you would have to try.

I am reviewing estimation results like priors and posteriors, I would like to get these both (priors and posteriors) in a single table, and I don’t find something similar in output Latex, I only see table for priors.

Could you please tell me where could I find this?


That should be in

i.e. in the output folder after MCMC

Thanks a lot dear jpfeifer,