Estimation problem


I try to do a robustness check when estimating Taylor rule with a reaction to 1)current inflation, 2)expected inflation. Therefore, the Taylor in Dynare code look
1)Rhat = (1-rR)rqqinf + (1-rR)rpipihat+ry*(1-rR)Yhat+rRRhat(-1)+eRhat; for current inflation
2)Rhat = (1-rR)rqqinf + (1-rR)rpipihat(+1)+ry*(1-rR)Yhat+rRRhat(-1)+eRhat; for expected inflation

Although I get estimated the model with a reaction to current inflation, I get an error when estimating the model with a reaction to expected inflation. Could you help me on this, please?
I enclose my Dynare code and data used for the estimation.

Many many thanks in advance,
data_new.m (3.49 KB)
A_new.mod (4.29 KB)

Could you specify the error message, please.


Your file runs well on my machine with Dynare 4.1.2.

Please give more details about your Dynare installation and the problem you encounter.


The code runs on my machine as well but if I replace the following line in the code:

Rhat = (1-rR)rqqinf + (1-rR)rpipihat+ry*(1-rR)Yhat+rRRhat(-1)+eRhat;

to the following:

Rhat = (1-rR)rqqinf + (1-rR)rpipihat(+1)+ry*(1-rR)Yhat+rRRhat(-1)+eRhat;

it does not run.

Many thanks!

Which error do you get ?