Estimating the example fs2000_nonstationary


In the example folder in the dynare folder there are two files, fs2000.mod and fs2000_nonstationary.mod. The first exampe estimates a model, while the second simulates and nonstationary variant of fs2000.mod. I’m trying to estimate fs2000_nonstationary.mod by making modification in that file along the lines of fs2000.mod and creating an .m file corresponding to fs2000_steadystate.m. However, I cannot get the file to run - it complains that i should declare the steady state function using external_function. There is no such declaration in fs2000.mod, even though a fs2000_steadystate.m file is supplied, but the .mod file still runs. I have tried to use the external_function command in my nonstationary variant, but the program still crashes. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? I attach my modified files.


fs2000_nonstationary_est_steadystate.m (1.58 KB)
fs2000_nonstationary_est.mod (2.45 KB)

Silly mistake. Dynare 4.3.2 says

[quote]Starting Dynare (version 4.3.2).
Starting preprocessing of the model file …
ERROR: fs2000_nonstationary_est.mod:64.20-24: To use an external function (m) within the model block, you must first declare it via the external_function() statement.

In line 64, column 20 to 24 there is a problem. You forgot to rename m to gM. If you correct this, the steady state file runs - except for providing wrong values.

Sorry about that - should have seen it myself. Thanks anyway for the help.