Dear sir,

I just downloaded the rbc folder with the dynare´s examples and I´ve got the following error message when I try to run the rbc.mod file.

In the file attached you could find just a small part of the error message.

I did not altered the rbc.mod file in any way, and the same message it´s returning when I run any other dynare file.

Laurentiu (7.16 KB)

How did you install Dynare on your Mac?

I followed the DynareWiki: InstallOnMacOSX.

On my Mac I´ve got 2 versions of Matlab, 2017 and 2016. On the 2016 ´s Matlab version, which ir run trough a VPN, dynare is working properly, but on the 2017´s version give me the error attached.

What version of macOS do you have?

What version of Dynare do you have stable or unstable? If unstable, did you compile it yourself via Homebrew or did you download it from here:

I´ve got MacOs Sierra 10.12.1 on iMac(Retina 5k) and MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 on MacBookPro and the error is the same on both.

Dynare is the stable version

Dynare Stable doesn’t work with Matlab R2017 on macOS. Try the unstable version

Thank you for your help. I finally sort it out.