Error while installing Dynare in macbook pro

Hi all,

I have not been able to install Dynare in my macbook pro with an M1 chip. One of my classmates was able to install it, and she has a macbook air with the M1 chip so I do not think that is the problem.

My install.log file is here: Dropbox - install.log - Simplify your life

What could be happening? Thanks a lot in advance!

@sebastien Any ideas?

Hi @jlfuentesacosta,

The install.log that you posted is not the right one. You posted a file that contains a history of everything that you have installed for the last months on your computer. The install.log that would help debugging the problem is a different one, Dynare-specific.


That is so embarrassing, I am so sorry.

Here is the Dynare-specific install.log (207.2 KB)

Thank you so much in advance.

As it says at the end:

Error: 'git' must be installed and in your PATH!
Error: Git is unavailable

You need to make sure that Git is properly installed.

It worked. Thanks a lot!