Error when running the model

Dear Dynare users,

I’m trying to run the model code.

I get the following message:

Finished Writing Report!
Compiling the graph package for Region 2 …
Error using report/compile (line 107)
@report.compile: There was an error in compiling checkdyn_FULLPACK_R2.pdf. “C:\Users\user22\AppData\Local\Programs\MiKTeX
2.9-new\miktex\bin\x64\pdflatex.EXE” returned the error code: 1

Error in report/subsref (line 28)
A = feval(S(1).subs, A, S(2).subs{:});

Error in mod_graphs (line 1569)

Error in runshocks_run (line 190)
mod_graphs(shk,sss,shkUserData,grdatestr,ssedatestr, [savepath ‘/’ shockname ‘_’ cc ‘/Long/’]);

Error in runshocks (line 2577)

Error in OEOLG_driver (line 134)

What should I do? I use Dynare version 4.5.4.

Thank you!

This is a LaTeX error created by a function

Without having access to the files it is impossible to tell what is going on.