Error when estimating a model

I am trying to estimate a DSGE model showing the impact of oil and gas price movements on inflation and output in the United Kingdom. The model solves fine. But when we get to the estimation stage, the programme generates plots of the priors and then shortly after I get the following error message:

??? Error using ==> minus
Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in ==> DiffuseLikelihood1 at 55
v = Y(:,t)-a(mf)-trend(:,t);

Error in ==> DsgeLikelihood at 154
LIK = DiffuseLikelihood1(T,R,Q,Pinf,Pstar,data,trend,start);

Error in ==> initial_estimation_checks at 20
[fval,cost_flag,ys,trend_coeff,info] = DsgeLikelihood(xparam1,gend,data);

Error in ==> dynare_estimation at 247

Error in ==> BayesianBBWE at 502

Error in ==> dynare at 26
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Hi, Can you post your files?
Best, Stéphane.