Error running stoch_simuls

Hello! excuse-me for the stupid question, but I do not see how to solve the issue. I use the command dynare followed by the name of the mod file, as I want ot generate IRFs. But I cannot get them due to this issue mentioned in the error message that I report here:

Unrecognized field name “mean”.

If I check the global variable oo_, indeed the filed mean is missing. Before, I was running the same code and I had no problem. Any suggestion? Thank you vey much!

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Please provide the mod-file.

ThreeDAdj_RD.mod (33.0 KB)
Thank you very much Joan!

3D_param is missing.

3D_param.mat (3.2 KB)
I am attaching the 3D_param. In the meanwhile, I tried to run the code that I saved in another folder, and I managed to get the results. But honestly, I do not see what went wrong before. The code should be the same. If you could still check please and identify something wrong, it would be useful for me. Thnak you very much!

If you don’t set noprint, you will get a proper error message, namely that there is a problem with the steady state.

i got same problem..

I see. It seems that the reason why I got the error was the different order of variable “to print” that I specified in the mod file and in the matlab file where I instruct to run the mod file. Apart from this, it seems fine. Thank you very much Joan!

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