Error messages in Dynare


Can anyone explain to me what does these errors mean?

  1. Attempted to access y(2); index out of bounds because numel(y)=1.

  2. Error in ==> resol at 39
    if max(abs(feval(fh,ys))) > dynatol_ & options_.olr == 0

:confused: , Thanks a lot,


I have the same problem. I suspect that the error occurs because of the combination of determinstic shocks and optimal policy. Have you found a solution to your problem?

Can you upload the *.mod file, please? It is usually impossible to know what happens only from Matlab’s error message.



The *.mod-file is enclosed. Also, the model may be a bit poorly specified, since I don’t get the steady-state values that I’m looking for.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
rs_osr.mod (1.16 KB)

  1. The error comes probably from a bug in Dynare when one uses both deterministic exogenous variables and OSR
  2. The results from OSR will not be affeted by deterministic variables as the objective of OSR is a wheighted sum of unconditional variances of endogenous variables. So the meaning of combining the two isn’t clear to me.