Error message with dynare_config

Dear Dynareans,

I installed version 4.4.1 (I’m a first-time user), ran a test model, and recieved the following error message:

dynare example1.mod
Undefined function ‘user_has_matlab_license’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.

Error in dynare_config (line 76)
if ~user_has_matlab_license(‘statistics_toolbox’)

Error in dynare (line 48)
dynareroot = dynare_config;

I tried to see if there were already posts on the forum about this issue, and there were; but advice like removing “all of the dynare directories,” while seeming helpful to the OP’s, isn’t informative enough for me to fix this problem. Hence, if someone could offer me more detailed, explicit assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.


It means that the function user_has_matlab_license.m in the Dynare/matlab folder was not found. Try reinstalling Dynare again and make sure you added the matlab subfolder of this installation to the Matlab Paths (I am not talking about the Current Directory).