Error message when running a code for Ireland model

something funny happened when I was running a dynare code for Ireland (2004) model. Everything went fine except the check procedure. Below is the error message and I can’t understand it.
??? Undefined function or variable “g”.

Error in ==> check at 28
sscond(1) = (g-1+delt)*kss - iss;

Error in ==> Ireland at 145

Error in ==> dynare at 26
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

I attach the code here. Actually, everyone can google and find it.
Ireland.mod (1.61 KB)

I couldn’t reproduce the problem. It works with version 3. With version 4, it is necessary to specify steady(solve_algo=3) to succeed in computing the steady state.



The model in log-linearing form works fine but it doesn’t work for the other setting, say, the linarizing around the level.

Could you please post the exact version of Ireland.mod that generates the output reported in your first message.



The commented lines are the model in level

yes, but the initval values aren’t appropriate for a model in level