Error message showing up randomly?


I was on a Dynare course for students yesterday and we all had the same versions of Dynare and Matlab. However, when running a modfile (with the stochsimul command) most of the students got the following error message:

[quote]{Warning: usage: [bnds,rowd,sens,rowp,rowg] = mu(matin,blk,opt)}
{> In mu at 45
In fun_NK_SOE_Course_UIP at 39
In fsolve at 241
In NK_SOE_Course_UIP_steadystate at 20
In steady_ at 50
In steady at 54
In NK_SOE_Course_UIP at 454
In dynare at 120}
{Output argument “bnds” (and maybe others) not assigned during call to “C:\Program

Error in fun_NK_SOE_Course_UIP (line 39)
RERhC = (w+(1-w)Tauh^(mu-1))^(1/(1-mu))/(1-wh+whTauh^(muh-1))^(1/(1-muh));

Error in fsolve (line 241)
fuser = feval(funfcn{3},x,varargin{:});

Error in NK_SOE_Course_UIP_steadystate (line 20)

Error in steady_ (line 50)
[ys,check] = feval([M_.fname ‘_steadystate’],…

Error in steady (line 54)

Error in NK_SOE_Course_UIP (line 454)

Error in dynare (line 120)
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

Caused by:
Failure in initial user-supplied objective function evaluation. FSOLVE cannot continue.

What was surprising is that for some students Dynare finished succesfully. It seems that there is something wrong with the external steady state file. But also this file was the same for all students.
Does anyone has an explanation why the error message showed up for some but not for all students?

Any help would be highly appreciated!

It seems to be an issue with the path and the toolboxes. I guess “mu” in

should be a parameter, but instead the file tries to call the file mu.m of the robust controll toolbox. Changing the name of the parameter to something unique should help.

Thank you very much!