Error in samll open economy new keynesian model

Dear all,

I have just started Dynare, and tried to use it to solve a simple new keynesian open economy model with incomplete pass through. The model is laid out in a paper by Philip Liu (2006), ‘A Small New Keynesian Model of the New Zealand Economy’, but a utility function with no habit formation. I have attached the .mod file.

I got the following error when I run it in Dynare 4, and have no idea of what the errors are:

??? Error using ==> print_info
MJDGGES returns the following error code13

Error in ==> check at 26

Error in ==> second at 183

Error in ==> dynare at 49
evalin(‘base’,fname) ;

I used this model for my senior essay, and am almost dead if it doesn’t work. can anyone help me please? :cry:

Many thanks
second.mod (3.54 KB)

rf and pifor aren’t independently determined in your model.