Error in metroplis.m

i use Matlab 6.1, estimating a model with bayesian approach, Matlab announces an error in metropolis.m at line 1463 (line 1463 of this function is subindx=subset():wink:
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Dear user,

The problem is with your version of matlab which does not accept functions with empty arguments. This works fine with version 7 of matlab but not with previous ones. All you’ve got to do when you find this kind of error message is first to replace :




and second to edit the corresponding m file and change the first line

function jndx = subset();


function jndx = subset;

We will correct these little annoying bugs in the next release of dynare (some are already corrected but we have to find them all!) .


hi stephane,
thank a lot
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I use Matlab 6.5 and dynare v3.064. This problem still exists. After removing “()” of the " subindx=subset()" and “function jndx=subset()”. This problem disappers. Thanks. 8)