Error in dyn_mat_v3_065 at Matlab 2007b


After Matlab version in Computers at my school was updated from 2007a to 2007b, Dynare does not work. I got the following message:

?? Invalid MEX-file ‘U:\dyn_mat_v3_065\matlab\gensylv.dll’: The specified
procedure could not be found.

Error in ==> dr1 at 443
ghxx = gensylv(2,A,B,C,D);

Error in ==> resol at 56
[dr,info] = dr1(dr,check_flag);

Error in ==> stoch_simul at 47
[dr_, info] = resol(ys_,0);

Is there any solution to this?

For the time beeing delete gensylv.dll, then an alternative, slower, Matlab base routines will take over



The issue is now solved and there is a new DLL: gensylv75.mexw32 in the snapshot for version 4. Dynar chooses automatically which DLL to use


hey, i’m new to dynare. if i still have version3, can I also use this new dll? do i need to install it? in short: what to do?

You need to to download version 4 from the snapshot section of the download menu.

Then copy the file into the matlab subdirectory of version 3 and change its name to gensylv.mexw32

Please confirm that the procedure is working as I didn’t test it




thanks a lot for your quick help. The procedure works fine - although I cannot say whether it is actually quicker than the alternative of just deleting the file gensylv.dll (which also solved the problem for me).

Best regards

Thanks Markus for the feedback. The DLL will be faster for larger models