Error_ Too many input arguments

Hi All,

I just finished the codes for non-linearized model and have checked the equations very carefully for a couple of times but there is always this error:
??? Error using ==> var
Too many input arguments.

I have put the equations which should be log-linearized and my complete codes in the attachment. k which indicates the capital is always given from the last period. That’s why in the codes you can notice one period lag from z and n.
Please have a look. Thank you very much.


Jermann_Quadrini_FM.mod (2.8 KB)
Equations to be log linearized.pdf (113 KB)

I have reinstalled Dynare, corrected a couple of errors and now the code works. You can find it in the attachment. Hope it will be helpful for somebody.
Jermann_Quadrini_FM.m (5.6 KB)
Jermann_Quadrini_FM.mod (3.07 KB)