Eps files made by Octave are faulty

I am unable to open or print the eps graphics files made by Octave after performing a bayesian estimation. Has anyone else had this problem?

Rob Luginbuhl

What OS & Octave version are you running?

Also, please provide a mod file that reproduces this error.

I use Octave version 3.2.4 together with GUI Octave 1.3.0. I run Dynare 4.2.1 and use the program RBC_schat.mod, with RBC_schat_steadystate.m and the data file simRBCgrow.m. The OS is Windows XP Professions version 2002 service pack 3. I also have a computer with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits, which, with the same software setup, also produces unusable eps files.
Thanks for the help.
Rob Luginbuhl
simRBCgrow.m (15.7 KB)
RBC_schat_steadystate.m (1.89 KB)
RBC_schat.mod (1.6 KB)

This is a bug either with Octave or Dynare. Will find the source (and fix if it’s Dynare) and get back to you.

Thank you. I very much appreciate the update!

This is a bug in Octave 3.2.4.

The problem disappears with Octave 3.4.3. Try to upgrade, there are compiled versions of Octave 3.4.3 for Windows there: wiki.octave.org/wiki.pl?OctaveForWindows