DynareOBC for Smets and Wouters

Hi everyone,
I am just trying to learn how to use DynareOBC and the first thing I tried is to run the provided examples. I get some error messages.
I am particularly interested in the models by Smets &Wouters but it seems that both models don’t work as they are the only ones that don’t have a RunExample script in the directory.
Are these models available somewhere as an application of dynareobc?

Thank you

@cfp is the one to ask.

The RunExample.m files were missing due to a bug in release packaging. This is fixed in the latest release: Release DynareOBC v3.30.54.1968 · tholden/dynareOBC (github.com)

If you are still having problems, it is almost certainly due to your set up. You should carefully go through the requirements and installation sections of the readme, and/or the Getting Started Guide in the first appendix to the theory paper.

Thank you very much!