dynareFindSteadyState: prototype aid finding steady states

prototype software tool for computing steady states.
I am distributing this version in the hope that you will find it useful in its current state and so that you might give me feedback that will help me improve the tool.

the pdf file contains installation and usage instructions for the zip file.

the matlab functions in dynareFindSteadyState adapt some strategies form global optimization in an attempt to provide a robust tool for characterizing a range of initial guesses and for exploring those initial guesses.
dynareFindSteadyState.zip (185 KB)
gmSteady.pdf (99.6 KB)

Hi Dear
when i writ “dynareFindSteadyState”, after some second, i see this message;
failed to compute steady state
ans =
fssInput object:
show func iterations?:false
max time:10
max iterations:100
anRSpec:default range: lower bound: useDefault – upper bound: useDefault
specific variable range(s) if any:
model name:example1
Please help me if you can
i should say that when i write “isDynareFindSteadyStateOK” i see that “There were PROBLEMS: SUCCESS-NOT
isDynareFindSteadyStateOK: now, i will cd back to D:\Tools\Economic Software\Daynare…”

I have set up this New Keynesian Model of two countries in a Currency Union. It is correspondent to the model from the book of Jordi Galí. Unfortunately the Blanchard-Kahn-Conditions of this model are not met. I do not understand what the problem is. There are 2 New Keynesian Philips Curves, 2 Dynamic IS curves and 1 Taylor rule. The NKPC and the DIS depend on foreign and domestic shocks and output gaps.